Essential Oils BACK TO SCHOOL Collection

The number one thing I remember when thinking back on the first days of school as a child are all the emotions, nerves, butterflies that come along with new teachers, new classrooms, new schedule, new school, new people.

Whether your children are extroverted or introverted, there are emotions of course that come along with the newness of school.  Here are the NUMBER ONE oils for EMOTIONS.


FOR THOSE CHILDREN THAT NEED PREDICTABILITY IN THEIR SCHEDULE...and change is hard for them to go through.

RELEASE : applied often, regularly, over the heart, ears, back of neck, tummy and wrists.

GROUNDING : diffused in the morning. Applied to the feet.

FRANKINCENSE : diffused in the morning. Applied to tummy and feet.


FOR THOSE CHILDREN THAT ARE SCARED...maybe they are intimidated by people and are nervous about the new classmates that they will have.

VALOR  : applied often and regularly to the back of neck, feet, chest and forearms

HARMONY : applied to chest

JOY : diffused in the mornings and applied to feet and chest

LAVENDER, LEMON, PEPPERMINT : applied together over the neck and chest.

FOR THOSE CHILDREN THAT GET ANXIOUS AND OVERWHELMED...maybe stress and panic is a common thread to their reaction to school.

STRESS AWAY : rolled onto the forearms and heart.

FRANKINCENSE : rolled onto the heart, back of neck and feet.

PEACE AND CALMING : applied over the chest and diffused

VALOR : Applied over the heart.

*Be sure to check out dilution ratios from Young Living found here